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Saturday 10-11AM

Hear the awesome stories of humans like you! Each episode features a story of a local business owner, artist, and all-around great people. You’ll be reminded there are amazing stories everywhere, and that you, too have a powerful story. Because your story matters.

About Your Host:

Emily Gehman is a Storytelling Coach by day, a freelance writer by night, and a follower of Jesus at all hours. As a storytelling coach, she helps you realize you have a story and coaches you through the writing and editing process to share it. Emily is a story junkie, coffee enthusiast, Special Olympics coach, and aunt to eight amazing humans. Connect with Emily at, on social @emilygehman, and catch her on the Your Stories podcast at Solid State Radio and iTunes.

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What's Your Story?

Your story matters, whether you're sharing it in a blog or a book. Let's write and edit together to make your story the best it can be.

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Emiy's got a few stories of her own to tell... check 'em out here!

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