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Friday 8PM, Sunday 11PM

No, there's no word missing. The phrasing is intentional. Much like JJ72, you either get it or you don't.

I like music. I listen to a lot of it. Now, YOU can hear mine, too.
Thanks to the people at Solid State Radio, I now have the opportunity, to give YOU the opportunity, to hear albums, IN FULL, which I have personally selected, that you may not have heard and are unlikely to hear anywhere else.

Albums will vary in style, length and interest and may not always strictly be music, either. I wont promise you'll like everything you hear, but there's always a chance you'll like some of it and you'll never know unless you tune in.

Let's do this.


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Random commentaries from a not-so-random mind. Giving you pause to think to think to pause. Sort of like the Festivus airing of grievances except also not really. Saying what I want, because I want, because I can. Airs... kinda whenever. Or, just find them here.

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