The Stonewolfe Show

Monday-Friday 9PM-5AM
Sunday Noon-6

None of us are entirely sure where Mike Stonewolfe came from. We've heard he's part of a Russian genetic experiment gone wrong, which would certainly explain why we occasionally hear him muttering under his breath about how he'd rather be back in "cold hell Siberia" or something of that sort. Nor are we sure what possessed him to want to occupy the late night hours at Solid State Radio; we're pretty sure he found and laid waste to our program director's leftover Taco Bell and decided this was his home now. Or he's secretly building weapons of mass destruction in an underground bunker in the basement and thought this would be a good cover story.

We find that the fewer questions we ask, the better off we are, really.

But when he's not plotting world domination, you can find Stonewolfe bringing you great music and other assorted weirdness, weeknights and Sunday afternoons. We do, however, suggest you don't ask about the nukes.