Solid State Music

At night and on the weekends, the music comes out to play... the best new music and alternative tracks from the 90's to now, every night and all weekend long on Solid State Radio!


Mike Stonewolf

The Night Show- Monday-Friday 9PM-5AM
Solid State Weekends- Sunday Noon-6PM

We're still not entirely sure where Mike showed up from! A regular guest and co-host on Metacast, and one of only two people on Solid State Radio to actually go to school for this, you can catch Mike spinning tunes here late in the evening, on Sunday afternoons, and whenever the rest of us need a day off.

Sean Cantwell

Middays: Monday-Friday 11AM-2PM
Solid State Weekends: Saturday Noon-5PM
Soundcheck: Saturday 5-7PM

Born and raised in the Motor City, I've now called Lapeer home more than half my life, and I think I'm finally starting to get used to the whole "small town" deal... sort of. (Other than the whole "nothing here is open after 5PM" thing.) Tune in weekday mornings after Emily's show and let me make your workday suck just a bit less; hell, I'll even take your requests at 810-356-4839! And as the program director here at this fine mess we call Solid State Radio, I'm always on the lookout for cool new music to introduce to the masses, so if you know of something I need to hear, drop me a line at!


Wes Imel

The Garage- Tuesday 7-9PM, Sunday 7-9PM
Two Lane Jukebox- Sunday 6-7PM, Saturday 1-2AM

One cannot simply explain Wes Imel... many have tried, all have failed. It was always kind of a given that as soon as Sean got into radio, Wes would be there to harass and interject at random. And after hanging around the studio long enough, Sean finally threw his hands up and gave him a few hours of his own to waste every week, and so the Garage was born.

Adam Harahuc

Solid State Sessions- Saturday 9-Midnight, Monday 6-9PM, Tuesday-Friday 6-7PM

A 25-year veteran of the local music scene in his own right, Adam got his start in radio at Wings 103 back in the 90's, where he launched the station's local music show, Sunday Night Sessions. After over 15 years out of the game, he got dragged back into radio to co-host the Armchair Athletes, and when Solid State Radio launched, Adam decided it was finally time to bring back Sessions. In addition to the Athletes and Sessions, you can also catch him doing the occasional weekend shift around here as well.